Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Being ME : Muslimah Empowered : Part 1

I must say, deepest gratitude and appreciation must be conveyed to Vivy Yusof for sharing the information about this Islamic Exhibition; Being ME through her blog. To be frank, if I did not have read this piece from her blog, I would not have made it to the event. Thank you Vivy (and Selamat Pengantin Baru too!)

Initially when I was made known of this event, I did not have any intention of joining it. I really thought that it was just another sermon by another Ustazah like the ones that I’ve been watching at Tanyalah Ustazah @ TV9. I neither felt fervent nor compel. Nothing. Devoid is a better depiction actually. I have been feeling baffle for quite some time and more often than not; Golek would be my choice of appeasement. . It was only 3 days shy from the event when I suddenly changed my mind. She breaches the notion of going to Being ME on 30 June 2012 (Saturday) and somehow or rather I eventually went along with the thought and emailed Vivy promptly inquiring on the tickets. Alhamdulillah tickets were still available and I got mine just at the nick of time (knowing the fact that Vivy was immersed with her wedding preparation). And yes; I went alone. All by myself…. Selamber badak…

Being ME is a program brought by Mercy Mission Malaysia. I am in no place to expound on the details of the organizer as I too just know about them during the event. But I can tell you this; Being ME was truly a beautiful program crafted for women only. Vivy was right after all; the sermons were subtle and stoic. But the reason for this entry in my blog is just to share what I’ve experience, learned and how did the program go. I apologize for not being able to provide ample information in regard with the organizer. 

That morning, Piya was sent off to Cik D while Uncle Din just drops me off and enjoyed being a bachelor for the day. Cissss~ He wanted to join too but the exhibition was meant for women only. I registered at 10.15 am and I was already late.

I went straight to the main hall and much to my surprise the hall was full house! Or should I say over abundance? I was among the women who were asked to stand by the side and sit on the floor……. I was truly disappointed at this point. In fact, one lady scolded one of the volunteers “How are you managing this program? I did not pay RM150 to sit on the floor. How come you sold tickets more than the hall’s capacity? The tickets should be according to the seats.” It was hot too so I was beginning to feel upset.

Me feeling upset for sitting on the floor
Wardina Safiyyah; emcee
During this commotion, the program has already begun with Quran recital by Malaysia’s renown qariah; Sharifah Khasif Fadzilah Syed Badiuzzaman. She is an international Quran reciter and I really thought that she was an Arab. Her recital was slick, beautiful & extremely remarkable. Synonymous to her recital, the screen was showing the Quran’s translation. For the 1st time in my life, every word from the Quran resonates with me. Subhanallah… What a blessing to be given the opportunity to hear such a recital. Subsequently, as the show goes on, I decided to go join the workshop next door. Alhamdulillah, got myself a very comfy spot and continue to enjoy with the program. 

Sharifah Khasif Fadzilah Syed Badiuzzaman; International Quran reciter
I joined 4 parallel sessions done at the workshop. I really wanted to join the last 2 but Uncle Din insisted to fetch me as it was already late. Well, it was not that late but I was reminded that I have a baby who is waiting for my return. Piya was already at home with Mak Tok. Plus, the event was actually a 1 day occasion but I have to be realistic, I am already married with transparent obligations. So I stayed up until Asar only.. Sedih…….Next entry will be on the topics was shared that day…. Otherwise, this would be a very LONG entry...

However, let me share some of the booths that took place... (actually there was a lot of interesting booths but both camera & hp were out.... dang~)

The Raya Project booth
Mom's Room
Intan ku sayang! Stumble upon my colleague who also came alone + son
Lunch yg mahal giler (excluding ticket fee tau) RM8.00 each
To be continued........


  1. It was nice meeting u there Dora. Macam ada jodoh. LOL. Next time kite dating lagi lah yer!

  2. Hye Intan...!!!

    Syukran...! subhanallah.... tak sangka we met there kan? dua2 keseorangan... i can never forget the lovely Pavlova that we missed..

    next time kita boleh dating2 lagi...