Thursday, June 21, 2012


Have you ever been in a limbo state of mind whereby you are continually wondering and pondering as an attempt in seeking the silver line behind every cloud that hover you? Anxiety has become quite a companion these days even though I hate its presence….. It has never been far from one’s mind lately….

The last time I felt devoid of emotions & miserable was after feeding Piya with my last drop of milk. She was only 5 months and I was overweight due to post-natal. I gained 27kg during pregnancy and was stuck at another 10kg. I was approached by a Herba Life agent at Giant Sec. 13 Shah Alam and he vouched that my body was not in its best shape. Feeling more dreadful about myself, I opted to try consuming Herba Life. It did work though; only for awhile. I lost 5kg in 2 weeks but rebound after a week. Damn………….……… As such, I felt somber all over again….. Losing hopes in getting back in shape….

On January 1st 2012 I bought Premium Beautiful from a good friend of mine; Sharifah Zahira who just embark her journey as one of PB’s agents. I admit; it WAS difficult to wear PB as all the undergarments are small and tight. I was like “WTH..?? It doesn’t seem logic at all to push myself inside a mere pittance of fabric and don it for 8 hours daily!” But I did tried and surprisingly with the correct method and manner, I can fit it all 3 undergarments in 5 minutes only every morning daily. YES, 5 MINUTES ONLY

It was a bit uncomfortable at first. I could feel all the wires poking at my excess unwelcome fat here and there…. BUT, on the contrary, PB supported my back to sit & walk straight instead of the norm slouch and most importantly MY TUMMY WAS NEAT & TIDY. Even my upper body was no longer all over the places; it was kept at it designated spot…. (dah tak bersepah dah………. Post-natal moms are very prone to experience this after nursing kan……..saggy and ugly….) What happen to my weight? Well, the number fluctuated between 66 ~ 68kg. But apparently this is my ideal weight and shape after all; because my previous weight (pre-pregnancy) was a too thin for my height. I’m 168m ok…. I thought I am still fat (perhaps) but everything is in place and I got assets! 

Pre-pregnancy figure

Fat at extra 27kg
Me today; looking dapper with the help of Premium Beautiful
So here I am; proudly sharing this information with you that I am one of PB’s satisfied customers. And today, I have climbed another one notch; I just joined the PB happy family. 

Hereinafter, if you are facing the same issues; fret not! You may contact me to seek more info or just to inquire via email or handphone. 

InsyaAllah jika ader rezeki, anda pon boleh memiliki PB…

Full undergarment of PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL

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