Monday, June 04, 2012

2nd Wedding Anniversary

Syukur Alhamdulillah 04 June 2012 marked our 2nd wedding anniversary.. And we were in Kelantan due to school holiday...

Frankly marriage life isn’t always full of fairies and pixies; it is strenuous and demands hard work. Marriage demands commitment, tolerance, trust, responsibility and most importantly communication. I may not be in the right position to give marital advices or suggestion, but irrefutably the virtues above are compulsory to sustain a marriage. In light of this, I still have a lot to learn………

My acquaintance with Uncle Din started when I notice his primary photo from Friendster. The photo differed than the norm as I can only see his eyes. I requested to be his friend and upon acceptance, we started to chat. Subsequently, by a twist of fate, we registered subject KJM (Mechanical Engineering) in the same class. His best friend Philly was chose as the boys head while I was selected for the girls. And that was how everything else started to fall into place. 

It is really funny when I reminisce my dating years when Uncle Din. We befriended for 4 years when I propose to him. Yes, I PROPOSE TO HIM. I proposed like this:-

Dora: Ayang, kita kahwin nak? Baba nak suruh I kawin.. kalau u tak nak, diorg akn kenenkan I dgn pilihan diorg…
Din: Huh? Kawin? Ohh, diorg ader pilihan sendiri? Ok lah, kita kawin.
Dora: (Dang~)

We were supposed to be engaged on Feb 14, 2010 when Uncle Din suddenly came down with CHICKEN POCKXXXXX… ahahahahaa… funny…. We were actually having dinner at Sec. 7 when I notice a spot behind his neck:-

Dora: Ayang, ape nih? Macam Chicken Pockx jer…
Uncle Din: Ayang jangan laaa sebut2, nanti jadi betol2 kang…

And then the doctor vouches my statement. Ahhaaha…  He took the next bus to Kota Bharu and stayed there for 2 weeks. Baba suggested postponing the occasion as Uncle Din was not in his best condition. In this regard, our engagement day was held on May 1, 2010. Alhamdulillah my late grandfather (Mama’s Uncle) was there…. And I could still remember him saying to Uncle Din “I love her very much… you take good care of her”… hhhhhmmm… I love you Tok Mucup…. Al-Fatihah…

The engagement period felt beautiful. I’ve always wanted to experience being someone’s fiancĂ©. I think it is kinda cool being introduce “This is my fiancĂ©”. This also means I was left with another 1 month to lose weight prior to our reception.

Baru bertunang... tak boleh bergambar rapat2 yea
 Our solemnization took place at night right after Maghrib at the mosque nearby my house. As I entered the mosque cladding in white Baju Kurung Moden design + makeup by Shamnina Omar, I saw Uncle Din sitting in the middle of the crowd looking dapper in white Baju Melayu. I was so nervous that I kept holding on to Golek’s hand. She just laughed at me. And then it was done; I am officially married and a wife to Uncle Din. 
It was a profound experience with utter happiness. Everything was surreal. It is truly the 2nd best experience in life (my number 1 is giving birth to Piya).

Akad Nikah di Masjid At-Taqwa Subang Permai
Menyarung cincin & serah mas kawin di rumah
And here we are… Alhamdulillah still happily married after 2 years. Thank you Allah for granting my doa in uniting me with a kind and caring man. Now I understand why we must believe in fate and things do happen for a reason. We just have to allow things to happen in its own good time.

I cannot imagine living myself with someone else but Uncle Din..  

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