Friday, June 08, 2012

I Miss Being Thin :(

I miss being thin…….. Dang~ Reminiscing the small waistline..........

2005 : IEEE conference at UiTM Shah Alam
2009 : GEMS Program
2010 : Sharifah's (hers)
2010 : As an emcee for Sharifah's (his)
2010 : Engagement period
2010 : Honeymoon at Cameron Highland
Last night I found my old baju kurung which I last worn 1 week prior to my reception. Upon discovering it, I began scouting for the best deemed hijab and not to forget I ironed everything before I doze off. So this morning with fingers cross, I don the desired garments only to discover that I look hideous in it; mainly because I have grown so fat. I could see the baju kurung was crying for help & begging for mercy; suffocated due to lack of oxygen. I felt like a sausage…………… Heretofore I instantly changed into different attire; cladding a blouse paired with my flowy puce skirt. 

I was only 58kg prior to being a wife. I weighted 56kg on my wedding and that was the lightest weight I could ever be after leaving high school. Gaining 27kg during pregnancy doesn’t seem funny anymore. I do know how to diet and exercise but I am no longer driven by the notion as a result of failure attempts. I did try consuming Herbalife; did drop some kilos but it bounces back swiftly like a yoyo... that is when i opted to wear Premium Beautiful which helps to turn my life around.

I googled info from Trinny & Susannah in identifying my body shape and much to my surprise there is actually 12 body shapes being made known.Go here for more info. I think I fall in the ‘cello’ category; I surmise.   

Trinny & Susannah; Brit fashion gurus known for their impulsive comments

Having said that, I hope I could be thin again for Raya 2012….

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  1. serious..memang kurus betul dora.. So dont worry, kalau dora pernah kurus sure dora boleh kurus cam tu lagi.. yg penting nak dgn tidak jer..:)

    X cam kz masa sekolah..memang jenis plum.. selalu bercita-cita untuk kurus..sehingga sekrg.