Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prepare for Balik Kampung

I am off to Kelantan tomorrow at 4 o’clock tomorrow morning. Yes, in the morning. Usually Uncle Din would travel at night but I detest the caprice. I can compromise travelling early in the morning subject to ample rest and sleep but I won’t tolerate long driving at night w/o proper rest.

It is very essential to prepare these needs upon long distance travel especially when the town has limited access to facilitate you

1. Pampers

Why didn’t I think about this sooner???? All these while I’ve struggling to change Piya’s diaper in the car either while the vehicle is moving or when we stop for rest. She wont lie down hence I have to diaper her up while she’s standing. More often than not, the diaper won’t be in place properly. There was once we did not found any resting area or petrol station so the driving felt longer. It was raining heavily when suddenly Piya was crying incontrollable. I had to compromise and console her to bear for another few minutes but things became really stressful. When we finally reached a petrol station, I was very shocked to find that she had passed her stool some while ago and her bum had blisters. It was awful as there was some blood too; apparently the stool was hard like a stone. This happened when she was only 6 months old.

Uncle Din suggested trying the slip-on diaper similar to wearing panties. I was in doubt as I thought these diapers are expensive. But when Cik D recommend to wear expensive diaper just for travelling (while in car), then it makes sense to buy the slip-on diaper. I found Mamy Poko Easy Fit size-L with 38 pieces @ RM29.90. Mahalnyer…….. Expensive but would be easier for me to change her diaper more often while the vehicle is moving.

2. Medicine

This is very important. I don’t know bout you guys but prepare medicine according to your child’s norm illness. Like Piya, usually she has high tendency to have fever, cough, flue, seafood allergy and blisters. So I’ve prepared my own Medicine Box with the followings:-

a) Fever – I like the supp one where the pil is inserted through her anal subject to her temperature
b) Flu
c) Cough
d) Allergies
e) Cream for allergies
f) Cream for blisters
g) Thermometer
h) Syringes – usually I would bring 2 or 3
i) Cool fever
j) Baby bum – I recommend brand 21st century

k) Baby oil – Minyak Yue Yie
l) Nail clipper – you’ll never know. If she has allergies, then she would scratch her head very hard.
m) Bio Oil – a resort to counter allergies 

n) Mosquito repellent – I recommend Pureen as the aroma is nice and safe

3. Toiletries

a) Non slippery mat – rumah org kan.. mana nak cari..

b) Pureen baby bath head to toe – senang sbb boleh apply satu badan termasuk rambut

c) Baby powder
d) Baby cologne – I recommend Johnson & Johnson

f) Hair Brush

4. Travelling bag

a) Easy fit diaper
b) Milk powder container – the one with those small fractions
c) Baby wipes
d) Clean hand-towel
e) 1 pair attire
f) Foods – biscuits, bread
g) Changing Mat
h) Mineral Water – in case change her nappy by the road
i) Thermostat
j) 1 bottle of milk
k) 1 bottle of plain water

Do I sound maniac or mentally glitch? hehehee.... Paranoid is better than sorry….

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