Monday, April 02, 2012

Why Men dont have a clue & women always needs more shoes

Uncle Din has successfully inculcated a culture of listening to Tanyalah Ustaz every Saturday and Sunday morning at 7.00 am right after Subuh prayer. Why do I call it a success? Because I used to be one those people who are so not tempted listening to spiritual talks and preach… Maybe that is why Allah has destined me to marry Uncle Din; he makes me become a better person, a better Muslim.. Okay, moving on; the program often emphasizes on marital affairs from spiritual point of view. For instance when an argument spark between a husband and a wife, it is wise for the men to remain silence as being emotional driven often results in hurtful words which you may regret later. The Ustaz even said that syaitan was actually urinating in your ears intentionally to patronize you.
To balance things, I had this urge to study men’s behavior from psychological perspective. I’ve been reading Women are from Mars, Men are from Venus (virtual reading – haven’t bought the book yet) and still feel the need to read more. So last Friday I managed to make an attempt to go to Mph bookstore and I found this:-

It cost me RM55.90 (the last time I spend this much on a book was buying text books in varsity) and I began reading that night. I finished reading the book on Sunday (after much disruption from Piya; she kept pulling the book away) and here’s what I think about the book:-
The book is divided into 11 chapters:
1.       Nagging
2.       2 things men do that drive women insane
3.       Why women cry
4.       Women’s top secret point scoring system
5.       Solving the 2 biggest mysteries about men
6.       The other woman – his mother
7.       Women’s secret ways with words
8.       What made roger rabbit’s eyes pop out
9.       Men’s sex appeal test
10.   Does this outfit make me look big
11.   When a hunter hangs up his bow  
Interestingly, I never knew that I had so little understanding about men. Bear in mind; neither men nor women remain unchanged after marriage. Both sexes tend to change and found great difficulties in understanding each other. That’s why I bought the book. What surprised me the most is every petty argument that I ever had with Uncle Din was mentioned clearly in the book. So I am not the only one in the world facing these issues! I’m glad that I began to understand men now. Especially why men are always quiet and women always talk, why men can remember all the teams in World Cup (the players, the scores) but cant even remember a simple grocery list.
NOW I KNOW………. That is why we are called the opposite sex; because we are the opposites..

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