Monday, April 02, 2012

Piya is 10 months old

Finally I can take some time to breathe…
There were too many things needed full attention at work that I barely have time to update this humble blog. I did not even have time to browse the internet… These are the times where I would work even before the clock rings at 8.00 am and return home around 5.45 pm.. I even had to punch-out at 7.00 pm the other day.. It’s been quite awhile since I return home that late..
Having said all that, as a mother, regardless of the exhaustion at work, I always look forward to return home instantly to embrace and cuddle my beautiful daughter. I may be physically drained out but you can never resist that warm smile and subtle laughter welcoming your presence every day.
Piya has turned 10 months now and I still cant believe how fast time passes us by.. I am quite amazed with her milestone; well maybe she’s actually on track (which I never make the effort to vouch). When she was exactly 9 months old, I was caught by surprise that she could actually wave ‘bye-bye’ because I barely taught her the gesture. One week later she actually says the words while waving. In the same month she has begun to stand up on her own and just as she was a shy of one week from being 10 months, she began to walk. Now, she’s beginning to climb the bed. My goodness…
Another fun thing being with her is that she can eat almost anything w/o me having to blend food anymore! Yeaaa! I can feed her rice, chicken (minced to small pieces) and her favorites are biscuits and bread….. senang nyer hidup mama sayang… tapi gigi takde lagi laaa….

Oh well….all well ends well..

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