Thursday, April 05, 2012

Cousin's Wedding in Kuala S'gor

Last Sunday April 01, 2012 my cousin from Malacca held his wedding reception in Kuala S’gor. The groom’s mother is step-siblings with Baba. Hereinafter all of us were obliged to attend the reception. Mama couldn’t make it as she was so immersed with her PhD writing. Hence only my small family, adik and Baba made an appearance. I would say it was quite a long driving; one hour to and fro…  Poor ayah the chauffer. On the contrary, Piya and I had ample nap at the back. Hehehee…
Upon our arrival, we were greeted by Pak Teh; the groom’s father. Looking dapper in his blue Baju Melayu, he definitely looks better than his age. We were seated among the dome-served tables and right in-front of the water-nozzle fan. Piya was very enthused with the fan! It was really funny to see her excitement when her face embraced the drizzling water + cool breeze.
In my previous posts, I did mention that Piya can eat solid (unblended) food by now. So I ended up making rice balls and fed her the nasi minyak. She really has good appetite these days. Senang nyer hidup mama~ The food was ok, the whole vicinity was quite ok if you don't mind the loud armature karaoke beating your eardrums.. The theme color was white and blue; a very serene concoction and subtle to the eyes. We waited until the pengantin arrived from Kuantan, Pahang. Both look well-groomed in a white Malay traditional attire complete with all the headgears and whatnot.

Can’t seem to find any pictures on the occasion though, not even the pengantin. Only a handful of Piya’s picturesque smile (salahkan Ayah).

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