Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Carseat Sweet Cherry

On 17th March (Saturday), we accompanied ayah for one of his interviews so far away at Kajang. The interview took place next to Carrefour Kajang so we were left by ourselves while he attended his affairs. After waiting for ayah nearly 2 hours, ayah fetched us and we drove to Jaya Jusco which was just a few meters away.
Initially, I broach a topic on the baby carrier which Piya no longer feels comfortable being placed in it when I send her to the babysitter to and fro. To concur, I also no longer have the strength to carry her in the carrier too. The baby carrier has multipurposes which can be used as a car seat or assemble to the stroller. It is very convenient. After 8 months of using the baby carrier, I’m very glad that at least I got back my ROI. Berbaloi baloi~
RM200 @ Jaya Jusco
The complete set = RM700

Piya @ 2 months old : 1st attempt


 Hereinafter, ayah asked me to scout together for a good and reasonable car seat for Piya. We are very much comfortable with the brand Sweet Cherry and I’m very glad that Jaya Jusco is the best place to buy SC as you can find a repertoire of designs & prices. We were down to 2 options; both cost us RM299 plus it wasn’t even the sale season. It is really expensive to buy stuff like these w/o sale but we had no choice. Bummer……….
Rather than continuing to contemplate in a murky-state of mind, we head for lunch and dine at Pizza Hut… Datang jauh2 tapi makan Pizza Hut…. Ayah nih………… Apparently Pizza Hut has introduced a new offer whereby kids eat for free subject to having the bill reached RM20.00. We picked spaghetti carbonara for Piya + a glass of milk. She didn’t eat much as she was so immerse playing with her food.

With a full tummy and later performed Zuhur prayer, we head back to JJ and finally opted to buy this car seat:-

The price was around RM300 but the best part of it was the seat has 3 positions; straight, recline a bit and lastly lie back 60 degrees. Sounds good huh? We felt good about the purchase. That’s very important tau. If you happened to feel a bitter after-taste upon purchasing, then most probably it means that you just made a terrible mistake which leads you to feel somber.    

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