Monday, April 09, 2012

Aromatherapy Massage @ Amante Taipan

My first indulgence of pampering my body; endurance with great agony………… bummer………
Mama Aniq stumbled upon a great pampering deal with Amante Nail Spa and Body Care at Groupon. Instead of the original deal RM78, we only paid RM29 for 1-hour of full body Aromatherapy Massage. When she broach on idea to give it a try, I concur w/o much hesitation.
We chose their outlet in Taipan as that’s the nearest with Proton. Located at the 1st floor, the stairs were ornate with white stones. To create serene vicinity, the whole place was enthused with dim lights that accentuate their well-organized products against the wall. The staff welcomed us with warm greetings and eventually led us to individual rooms.  

Lesson learned prior to body massage:-
1.       Do bathe and scrub (be odorless ok)
2.       Wear something simple and easy to unravel
3.       Be present with an empty stomach
4.       Trim, plucked, wax and whatnot with the same synonym
5.       Wash your feet upon arrival
As I came from the office during Friday lunch break, I arrived conveniently with number 3 and 5 only. (Thankfully I did number 4 before Friday). After changing, the masseuse entered the room and began instantly. While I was lying face down, my mind was totally straddled with tranquil thoughts of woman with a flower behind her ears, smiling away embracing the moment. But when she started with my foot, my thoughts began to differ........Haaaaaaaaaaaa…. NOT!
Bila masseuse tu sentuh jer tapak kaki aku, aku dh sakit. Pastu bila urutan tuh makin naik ke area lain, maaaaaaaaaaak aaaaaaaaaaaii… sakit weyh…! Aku dok laaaa ketap bibir pejam mata tahan sakit, tangan dok pegang kuat katil tuh… tapak tangan and tapak kaki takyah la cerita……. Berpeluh2 sejuk…… pastu aku nih ader weird habit; bila sakit aku akan ketawa…. Sampai masseuse tuh Tanya “ini sakit ke geli..? (dgn slang indon nyer)”… I answered “sakiiit….”…. I told her that the last time I had a massage was during my puerperium and that was very damn painful too… She sort of made me reminisced the whole agony I endured all over again….
Well, the fault was mine actually. Post-natal mothers are supposed to have continual massage in order to release muscle stress and improve blood circulation. But I didn’t. It has been almost 1 year since I had a massage so you don’t need an expert to decipher my pain.
My masseuse was very good. She’s very skillful in noticing stress muscles and poor blood circulation. She tackled the stiff muscles until they felt softer. Even though I felt 60% of pain, I did enjoy the whole thing. We completed exactly after an hour and they served warm ginger tea upon completion. I felt lighter, relieve and much happier. It was a good experience after all.

Thank you Mr Google for the photos~

Another lesson learnt from today’s experience: rajin rajin laaa mengurut bila dah beranak tuh……..          

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