Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Veer passion to baking

Last year in December 2011, one of the babies at the babysitter just reached 1 year old. Her mother offered to hold a birthday party while the babysitter offered to be host. Since that day, I have been dreaming with wandering thoughts on celebrating Piya’s 1st bday this coming May 2012. I have another 4 months to go.
I’ve been collecting ideas on decoration, theme and most importantly; the savories. Hopefully I can bake for her and pleased baba as well. I think baba has this slight disappointment that I don’t follow his passion for cooking / baking. So it is time to change. You can’t change the wind but you can change the sail right?
I’ve made a list since last year but procrastinate on commencing the execution………. *sigh*

You must have Chocoloate Brownies in your list

Apam Polkadot yg menarik *pics credit to the internet yea*

Chocolate Truffles; i like the part of rolling the chocolate ganache
Mini Chocolate cakes

Colourful Macaroons
Baba's Peach Gateau; must learn to make this

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