Thursday, February 02, 2012

Shopping lagi.....

One of my 2012 resolutions was I promised myself that I would refrain my alluring temptation to online shopping on baby’s attire, tudung and most important of all; refrain from attractive offers found in GROUPON!
But that’s the thing about women. We tend to tell our mind and decipher that these shopping are not a waste. It is significant. it is to create a better world. The world seems happier and brighter upon purchasing these. Life feels content and complete possessing these items. It is a matter of life or death (not that extreme but you know what I mean)….. The power and liberty of buying is just a click-away and I am starting to find it unhealthy……..
Can you imagine I would spend almost RM100 per month buying Piya’s attire? And I would spend almost RM100 on tudungs? At first I would contemplating in buying while browsing the brochure. Then I would have 2nd thoughts. But suddenly I told myself “ader lagi duit bulan nih…lagipon utk Piya..” or “beli tudung kan nak tutup aurat……mana boleh Uncle Din marah…” *gulp*
In this regard, here are the stuff that I bought in January (the 1st month in 2012! There is another 11 months to go in 2012…!) bape ratus laaa dh abes…………..  

Shopping at mybabywear
I really should paste a warning sign on my monitor whenever I am considering on shopping online…. Again and again………..

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