Friday, February 10, 2012

High chair for Piya

I have been contemplating to buy a high chair for Piya as she can sit properly by now. I am glad that she is progressing well according to baby’s expected milestone. Whenever we dine outside just the 3 of us, I would now request for a high chair and place her inside. Remember the photos from JB trip? She looked like a big girl eating on her own with her small fingers.
Apparently baby’s high chair is quite costly and offers many designs (and style too). I just want a simple design, firm & steady, definitely not flimsy, easy to declutter, long lasting and most important of all; it must be safe for Piya as she has beginning to be quite a handful.        
I've done some homework in scouting the best highchair (and of course within my budget too) and here's what i've found:

i like this; simple and classic

Modern and kinda odd designs: 

Available in Malaysia:

Ikea: RM60


Ikea: RM239

Mothercare: RM229

Mothercare: RM289

Mybbstore: RM400
Mydear: RM340

Mydear: RM230

Mydear: RM340

Fisher Price: RM180

And now i'm baffling with myself........... 

1 comment:

  1. bagusnya mama ni buat research :)
    I vote for the wooden simple design tu..nmpk sturdy je.

    tp mesti mahal.