Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Say NO to Valentine's Day

During my adolescences years, I would be one of those anticipated to commemorate Valentine’s Day with either friends or my boyfriend. This trail of thoughts stayed with me until I met Uncle Din who explained to me that Muslims are forbid to celebrate Valentine’s Day. To be frank with you I was very unpleased with the news; not knowing the truth behind such ruling from JAKIM. Nevertheless, as a faithful Muslim, we must always have an initiative to seek the truth and explanation behind any decree to avoid blind obedience.
There are two sides of a coin; in this regard it is wise to read and understand the meaning and purpose of this Valentine’s Day.. Here’s what I’ve found from History.
The Legend of St. Valentine
*                  February 14 is celebrated in memory of St. Valentine for his fight defending love and marriage
*                  St. Valentine lived in during the 3rd century of Rome where the emperor outlawed marriage for young men as he believed single men made better soldiers than those with wives & families
*                  Notwithstanding with this decree, St. Valentine continued performing marriages for young lovers.
*                  Upon the acknowledgement of the Emperor, St. Valentine was put to death.
Origins of Valentine's Day: A Pagan Festival in February
*                  Christian Church has a fertility festival namely as Lupercalia dedicated to Roman’s god & founders. The festival was named as Pagan Festival.
*                  An order of priest would gather at a sacred cave and sacrifice a goat (fertility) & a dog (purification). The goat is strip into strips and dip into sacrificial blood.
*                  Afterwards, these priests would take the blooded goat’s strips to the streets and gently slapping both women and crop fields.
*                  They believed such ritual will make women more fertile while the crop fields would flourish with more goods.
The beginning of Valentine's Day
*                  Even though Christians have ended the Pagan Festival, but St. Valentine’s siege mentality for love and marriage continued to spread throughout the globe.
Celebrating Valentine’s Day is HARAM for Muslims

*                  The teaching of Islam emphasizes love w/o specifying any day / date
*                  The practice of celebrating Valentine’s is against Islam as it contains Christians essence
*                  Muslims are forbid to practice rituals resembling to other religions & faith
Adjacent to these clarifications, as an obedient Muslim, please don’t bother to celebrate Valentine’s Day......

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