Thursday, February 16, 2012

Merci Beaucoup

My job description in Proton requires me to lead and maneuver external engineering services and project development. As of today, I have been attached to this particular team for 2 years and have managed / involved with projects from Saudi Arabia, China, India, Iran, Russia, Brazil etc. One of the projects that are close to me would definitely be the project from Saudi Arabia which I called as Project Pak Arab.
PPA was handed over to me upon reporting to Proton. Basically the project was about a group of engineers from Arab were interested to study and learn on automotive industry and vehicle development Proton. I was appointed as the coordinator / ambassador kecik to manage them. During my 1.5 years handling this project, I’ve shed crocodile tears and sheer stress in managing these expats. To add further insult to the injury, I endured 39 weeks of pregnancy anchoring PPA and barely enjoyed the pregnancy milestone. Besides being their fairy godmother, I have to report to my director periodically and sometimes to the Managing Director (I prepare jer.. my boss kena explain)….
You reap what you sow; when you plow through anything in life whole heartedly with indefinite sincerity, you will be rewarded. In this regard, a thousand gratitude to my superiors as Proton paid homage to our hard work by receiving a prestigious award. Remember when I went to Proton’s Excellence Award Night? That night we failed to win any of the awards (Chairman, Managing Director, General Manager). Hence the award was cascaded down to Director’s level.
Nevertheless, I am deeply indebted to my superiors for recognizing our hard work and also my colleagues who supported me throughout the entire project.  

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  1. congrats Dora!!~
    finally the huff and puff stress being heavily pregnant dulu pays off! :)