Monday, February 27, 2012

Maulidur Rasul 2012

Last year’s Maulidur Rasul in February, I was 6 months pregnant when Uncle Din took me to Kelantan visiting his parents. You see, as my nausea was very bad, I missed spending the holidays at Kelantan twice. So I thought it would mean to world to my in-laws if I visit them even once while I was carrying. This was last year’s story.
This year’s Maulidur Rasul was special to us as concurrently we are celebrating a new comer in our big Kelantan’s family; my dear SIL gave birth to a handsome baby boy on January 1st 2012. Handsome date kan? It is a custom to Kelantanese to organize Maulud (commemorate Maulidur’s Rasul) and Qiqah (welcoming a newborn). Hence, Uncle Din’s siblings gathered in Kelantan and Alhamdulillah both Piya and I were in great health during the journey (to and fro).
I also managed to attend my best friend’s wedding; Mohamed Zharif Bin Zani whereby the reception was held in Kelantan. Happy betol dpt jumpa kwn2 lama zaman IEEE… the president, vice president + secretary sumer berkumpul di Kelantan… best betol~

The NB’s name is Omar Aariz bin Affendi. Simple jer. Takyah nama panjang2 serabut. Besides having the Qiqah for Omar, we had BBQ during the last night to celebrate Omar’s big sister’s 2nd birthday. In this regard, Piya experience many new things to her. She was kinda smitten knowing that she has many cousins in Kelantan.

One of the evenings, her cousins took her out to the paddy field and she tasted her 1st frankfurter during the BBQ. Can you believe it that this paddy field is right behind our house??

I must say, this was the best experience I ever had while in Kelantan.

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