Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Piya is 8 months old

Recently during CNY holiday, Piya has turned 8 months old. I still cant believe how fast time passes us by. She has grown into a little girl and began to loose those baby features. I always stare at her pondering how life would have been without her in it. I am very thankfully that Allah SWT has blessed me with a wonderful sustenance in the form of a human being. I know for a fact that not everybody is blessed with children even though you’ve tied the knot for many years.
At the age of 8 months, these are her traits of behavior:

1.       She would hold onto anything and stand on her feet.
2.       Once she is standing, she would shake her bon-bon + screaming frantically with joy.
3.       Whenever I am lying down, she would climb on my chest and slap my face with her hands.
4.       Sometimes she would ‘kiss’ me and leave a mark of saliva.
5.       She crawls in a quicker pace and is unsafe to leave her unattended.
6.       She sits straight but only for awhile as she prefers standing.
7.       She responds when her name is called and would smile to a familiar face.
8.       She is easily frustrated when I snatch away forbidden stuff that she grab unnoticed.
9.       She loves chewing on teething toys, my ID card, her diapers and even her nasal sucker.
10.   She is used to sleep in her baby cot all by herself.
11.   She is able to hold on her own food but eats using her left hand.

Mama sayang Piya~

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