Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Trip to JB ~ Day 2 onwards

Day 2
Our 2nd day at JB was better but was not good enough. Ayah opted to stay-in and decline my suggestion for sight-seeing…… I sulked the entire evening…… I really wanted to have a look at The Zone but Ayah prefers to minimize exposing Piya outside. So we just had breakfast, went to Plaza Pelangi for lunch and had dinner at the hotel restaurant. Boring betol……………   

Day 3
We decided to cut short our trip and check-out prior to attend the wedding. The wedding reception was in Kulaijaya while we were in Johor Bahru. Based on critical path; I think it was the right decision. We convoyed to Kulaijaya with Andi; Uncle Din’s good friend back at UiTM. Upon arriving at the reception, we met Uncle din’s brother; Edzril / Pok Ye + Kak Piz… Funny though; the bride and groom were just classmates during our varsity years in UiTM. The groom is Uncle Din’s BFF while the bride was a good friend of mine. She is related with Kak Piz. So that means………… Uncle din is now officially related to his BFF..! Keciknyer dunia…..
We spent the night at Pok Ye’s which was in Muar. Jauh giler drive~ 2 hours from Kulaijaya. Mak aaaaaaaaaaaiii…. We did stop for a while at Ayer Hitam. I was thrilled to buy lotsa kerepek.. I was very surprised that the otak-otak was only 40 cents.. so I bought 20 pieces. Puas hati……… Pok Ye took us out for Ikan Bakar for dinner.. sangat sedap and very nice ambience. Very proper and clean. Piya was sleeping while we were dining. Poor baby. Upon reaching home, I was getting ready to tuck myself in bed when Piya woke up and wanted to play…. Tidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak! Took awhile to pat her back but she’s growing so I just let her play for awhile.

Day 4
As Muar was just a mere distance to Malacca (45 minutes), we drop by Malacca for awhile to meet my aunties. Had lunch and rested for 3 hours when I asked Ayah to return to Shah Alam. While I was sitting back in the car, I could not help but wish that the whole trip would have been better if Piya did not fell sick……… Well then, everything happen for a reason…..

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  1. geramnye tgk piya! mulat mulat.. aunty geram lah!!!