Thursday, January 05, 2012

Just my 2 cents thought

Towards the end of 2011, Malaysia’s local cinema was overwhelmed with a love story movie that was adapted from a renowned novel. The novel initially took place among novel lovers in early 2000 and irrevocably accolade with strong reviews from novel lovers. Fair enough.
When the media made a buzz that the novel will hit the silver screen, I believe most Malaysian / Aaron’s die-hard fans / Lisa Surihani’s fans / those who have read the novel waited with full anticipation. As a matter of fact, most of my colleagues (in my office perimeter) make an effort to hit the cinemas to watch the movie. In the beginning I was not bothered to watch it. I do watch Malay’s movies and dramas. In fact, I think I have watched too much. The reason I am not one of those who would go the cinemas to watch Malay movies is more often than not, these movies will be shown on television / Astro during festive seasons. So why must I trifle away on unnecessary spending?
Last weekend my husband told me that he had downloaded the movie and asked whether I want to watch it. Well, after listening to a concoction of thoughts, I decided to watch it last night. What are my two-cents thought on it?
The good side
1.       I love the story line. Just a simple love story with expected twists and mitigations. Stress free as you don’t have to put much thought in figuring out the next scenes.
2.       The actors were irrevocably a crowd puller. Their acting was good and convincing.
The ugly side
1.       I hate the disjointed scenes. TOO MANY. I hate the 2 seconds blackout between the scenes. Most scenes were not elaborated and left abruptly.
2.       The intimate scenes were very inappropriate. Enough said.
3.       There is very minimal emotion (or should I say none) in the movie. I did not even drop a tear every time Izzah was mistreated.
4.       The movie was so bland that I could hardly stay focused. Even the drama “Tentang Dhia” was much better. The movie “Cinta Kolestrol” was even better. Even the movie "Qabil Khusi Qabil Igam" (Hans Isaac, Ziana Zain, Erra Faziera) was way much better.
5.       Yes the acting was convincing but there was no chemistry between them. Adoooooi… Bront Palarae was insignificant. Lisa Surihani was weak in antagonist role. Nek Jah (Azizah Mahzan) was annoying with her faux-English-accent.
6.       I hated the movie………………………
Call me cold-blooded, call me heartless.. But I do watch Malay movies and one thing for a fact is that this movie was totally over-rated and did not do justice to the novel. Maybe the fault was mine for putting high expectation on this movie.
My advise? You won't miss a thing for not watching the movie.  

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