Friday, January 06, 2012

Baba's 62nd Birthday 2012

Baba was born in 1950 on 1st January. Every New Year, my mother and I would stay at home and accompanied him while my brothers would hang-out to join the crowd. Hence more often than not, we would cook something and talk almost about everything during the night. Well, actually I do want to hang-out with my friends too and watch the beautiful fireworks but being the only girl in the family forbids me to have that privilege. My parents prefer me staying in and watch television with them.
Like all the years that have passed us by, we open our chapter in 2012 by commemorate Baba’s 62nd birthday at home. As you may notice, Baba loves entertaining guests with his savories and signature desserts. Zeffi and Abg Pian came over to join the celebration. The adults would talk about life, education, children, and foods or even listen to Baba’s story telling. Meanwhile the children were just children. Totally avid and fickle playing among themselves.
Everything was homemade cooking. We had roasted turkey, cauliflower + white sauce, garlic butter broccoli & glaze 'kumara' (sweet potato). The desserts were French cream caramel, peach ghetto, thriffle & chocolate birthday cake bought by Zeffi.
We had a lovely time and most importantly Baba was happy having his children + grandchildren around.

Happy Birthday my dear sweet Baba.

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