Friday, January 13, 2012

Driving License Renewal is RM47.00

I did notice something was amiss last week. I was very certain I owe something but I could not recall anything at all. While I was at my prayer mat 6.10am performing Subuh prayer, it occurred to me to check my driving license. Subhannallah…… my driving license has expired for one week.. Thankfully for 1 week only..
So yesterday I had a meeting at GHRD and the meeting ended around 4.oopm.  I immediately rush to Shah Alam’s Post Office Besar located at Section 11 with only RM35.00 in my pocket. I did remember asking the boy at the ticketing counter the cost of driving license renewal and he said it was only RM32.00. Hence, when my number was called I confidently provide the counter lady my driving license + RM32.00. Without saying much the lady just said to me “RM47.00 puan.” I was totally stunned……
1. I only have RM35.00 in my wallet.
2. She later explained to me that commencing 2012, all driving license will be aligned with our birthday date~
I rushed like a mad person crossing over to Maybank Section. 14 and managed to return to the post office just at the nick of time. The same lady told me that my driving license has renewed and will be until 06/11/2012. But when I checked it again, it will be until 06/11/2013. Apakah…….?
The normal practice of renewing your driving license would RM32.00 for 1 year period commencing the renewal date. So my driving license was supposed to be 13/01/12 ~ 12/01/13. Instead, my driving license is now renewed to: 13/01/12 ~ 06/11/2013. (1 year + 10 months)
The first time of aligning the driving license period with your birthday would cost RM47.00. Future renewal will only cost RM32.00 (RM30.00 + RM2.00 provided applying at Post Office ok) if you adhere to the stipulated period.
·         Post Office Besar Shah Alam is open from 8.30 am ~ 5.00 pm.
·         It operates during lunch hour.
·         Will be close on 1st Saturday of the month.

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  1. good to know this Dora :)

    I think the officer bg U bonus sket.Else for 1yr+10nthd would cost u RM55..
    (RM30/12 times 10mths + RM30)

    sorry, engineers tend to calculate almost everything..hehehe:)