Friday, December 30, 2011

Xmas 2011 @ Subang Parade

Hopefully it is not too late to wish my loved ones Merry Xmas and Happy New Year;
To my best friend Jessy Ann Logijin who is residing in Sabah: I miss you babe and we had many good times together. I will always cherish our best moments straddle in GEMS and may we remain our rapport in many years to come.
To my lovely Uncle Padma Nathan, Auntie Dianne Webber, Aneeta & Aleesha; You have been in the family ever since we were in England and I do remember some great moments with Auntie Dianne. Both of you have always been there for Baba & Mama and only God can repay for your kindness. I still can’t believe the girls are all grown up and posses such an undefined beauty. Hopefully we can continue to treasure the beautiful rapport built through years of friendship.
When I was a little girl growing up in England, we sort of commemorate Xmas by having the xmas tree all decorated with nicely wrap gifts underneath the tree. I still have a glimpse of memory playing with the colorful xmas lights and hanging all sorts of stuff. Mama would dress me up in a white princess gown with white leggings while my brothers would look dapper in their xmas sweater. Zamie was still a baby so he can barely remember anything. Baba used to bake xmas log cake while mama would prepare delicious savories. I missed those days..
Of recent late, I have become very enthused taking Piya out, initially we were indecisive on where to spend the day out. I can vouch that all shopping complex will be congested with people and would be very difficult to secure a parking spot. Nevertheless, we did go out and we opted to take Piya to Subang Parade, Subang Jaya. We are not instilling Piya to celebrate Xmas but our intentions were solely to inculcate the virtue of bonding between parents and children.
Piya had a great time especially while dining at Nando’s. As I was browsing through the menu, it was funny that Piya looked like a novice reader and was so immersed with the menu. It was her first time to ‘browse’ a menu so I let her be. Uncle din and I took turns and thankfully she behaves while I was holding her. When it was ayah’s turn to hold Piya, Piya began to shout and scream with enthusiastic. She was not throwing tantrums; she was even smiling and laughing while doing that. It was amusing to see ayah blushing as the daughter kept practicing her vocals.     

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