Thursday, December 29, 2011

Space U8 & Citta

When it comes to public holidays, Proton is definitely the odd one out. As Malaysia was on holiday mode on Monday Dec 26, 2011 due to Xmas celebration, Proton was working as usual. In this regard, Uncle Din and the babysitter were on leave while I was supposed to punch-in. This definitely made me feel uneasy. Can I rely on Uncle Din to bathe Piya 3x a day? Nappy change every 4 hours? Feed her with blended porridge 2x a day? Hhhmmmmmmm… Hence after putting many thoughts, I decided to take an EL and stay at home with Piya.
Space U8, TTDI Jaya
Initially we intended to stay in and ensconce throughout the day. But I have begun to feel enthused taking Piya out for sight-seeing. Hereinafter, we took Piya out to not one but two spots in just 3 hours. First we went to Space U8, TTDI Jaya and it was damn boring. The place is barely open and only a few retails were operating. What really made my gorge rise was the fact that we were obliged to pay RM1 per entry! Really annoying.

Citta, Ara Damansara
The second spot that we hang-out was Citta, Ara Damansara. The place was very beautiful with an open-air concept. Well decorated with xmas deco, I enjoyed the soothing atmosphere and serene ambiance. The place does not have a gamut choice of retails but nevertheless ample to survive. None of the retails was a crowd puller too. Having said that, I am fascinated with the fact that Citta is suitable to bring your kids as it is very spacious and stroller-friendly.

This place has great potential to be our favourite hang-out place. Besides, it is not far from Subang Permai too.


  1. wahhh.. canteks mama piya! hehehe
    nak try pegi citta jugak la.. nama dia plek tho :P

  2. sokong2....cantik mama piya.. ;)