Thursday, December 22, 2011

Piya loves Ayah

Piya is approaching 7 months by this Friday 23/12/2011. She has been such a mirth and plethora of joy to us. In this regard, everyone knows a mother’s devotion and unconditional love to her child. A mother will never deter to continue supporting and caring regardless what may come. Equally fervent, fathers have the same adherence but expressed in different manners. So, how well does your husband play his role as a father?
Ever since I completed my confinement rituals, I asked Uncle Din to look after Piya while I would be in the kitchen preparing meals or doing house chores. This regime has taken place for 5 months now. Among the things that Uncle Din is obliged to do for Piya are:-
1.       Mix and prepare Piya’s milk
2.       Wash all the bottles
3.       Play and babysit her from falling or chewing the remote controls / tissues / papers
4.       Pat her to nap or persuade her to sleep
5.       Feed her during midnights while I am asleep
Other than that, he would be reluctant to help such as bathing Piya, change her diaper or even put on Piya’s clothes. Fair enough. The amazing outcome from this ‘mutual’ agreement of ours is I do notice that Piya would be very excited whenever her ayah is around. Yesterday was remarkably a very good example. I fetched Piya like many other days around 6.30pm and bathe her upon returning home. More often than not, Piya would doze off almost immediately after I feed her.
But yesterday she begs to differ. I have patted her, sang to her, and tucked her into bed but somehow or rather she still refuses to sleep. The clock showed almost 8.00 pm when Ayah finally came home. As he entered the room, Piya turned around and gave him the warmest smile in the world. Ayah returned the smile and went to the bathroom to wash his hands. He then picked Piya up and began to do the baby talk. It was such a serene moment. Not long after that Ayah tucked Piya into bed and she finally dozes off. What a relief. Later that night, he even got up from bed and attended Piya as she cried for milk.
Hebat sungguh kasih sayang antara ayah dan anak. Syukur Alhamdulillah aku dijodohkan dengan seorang lelaki yg penyayang. Amin.

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