Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I am really trying to make an effort posting one story per week. It may either be on thoughts, my daughter, food, coupons or just anything that comes across my mind. In this regard, I would like to share my thoughts on something that has been very disturbing my life for many years.
I had my first menstrual (Dysmenorrheal) during my adolescences years in which I was only 13 years old. I could still recall the first time I experienced the pain which was during an afternoon tuition at Cikgu Moon’s house studying Science for PMR in 1999. I could neither understand what was happening nor the root of the cause. All I could remember was that the pain was excruciating and I nearly fainted. This unpleasant incident would occur every month and more often that not, I would take ponstant to relieve it.
There are two schools of thoughts regarding consuming ponstant. Some says that it has a side effect where it will develop gastric (which it did) while doctors are declining this statement. They said that ponstant is a just a pain killer that alleviate the uterus’s spasm. Well, there are always two sides of a coin. I quit taking them when it does not work on me anymore.
So today I am married and a mother to a beautiful daughter. The pain is still there and it hurts exactly like I was in contraction at 3cm. TELL ME ALL BOUT IT. I remembered ever since high school I would consult a doctor and this is the chronology of advises from them:-
Dora: Doctor, sampai bila saya nak tanggung sakit nih?
Doctor: Adik, lepas kawen hilang laa

Dora: Doctor, sampai bila saya nak period pain nih?
Gynae: Puan, lepas puan beranak, hilang laa sakit puan nih

Dora: Doctor, saya dh beranak satu dh nih… nape masih sakit?
Doctor: Errrrmmm…. Puan kena wat scan and c/up di hospital ok.

Yesterday was my 3rd cramp after stop breastfeeding Piya for 2 months. Adoooi laaaa…. Gonna have my c/up soon. Crossing my fingers that the doctor won’t find anything peculiar.

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