Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wilma Mohamad returns to silver screen

Todays new in KOSMO published an article on a former actress who shot to fame in the late 90’s and decided to return acting in front of the camera. ( She only acted in 2 screenplays and already became very famous across the nation. In fact, her decision to leave acting upon tying the knot in 2000 left many fans devastated…
In my opinion, she was renowned for the wrong reasons. Her acting skills are very pitiable but she became so famous for her beauty and indecent attire. Obviously I am not one of her devoted fans but I do follow our local artist’s career (or even their personal life via gossip columns). In fact, I was kinda glad when she decided to retire and settle down with her family. There is no harm in striking-through her name from our entertainment industry because for me; she is a bad role model to look upon to.
Her younger days

1 out of her 2 movies
 After 12 years of decent life with her family and having small-scale business, she decided to return acting. She has 5 children (9, 7, 5, 3, 2 years old) but her body is still toned and in-shaped! So what made her to reduce her precious life as a full-time housewife and return to long-hours of working in front of the camera? Apparently her beloved husband of 12 years passed away in January 2011 due to heart attack at the age of 37 years old only. Subhanallah……
Now, at this point, I do sympathize with her. Happily married for 12 years and being a full-time housewife to wonderful children is like every woman’s dream. Nothing can deter the pleasure of spending time with your children at home especially when they’re still small. By the fate of God, her husband was taken away from them and she has to return working to earn income for the family.
Anyhow, I am glad that she is returning to the silver screen with much descent and proper image. And I do envy her toned body even though she has bear 5 children.. Now that is something. (I wonder how she did it……)

Her current image

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