Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Buying shoes for baby

I have always wanted to buy Piya's first pair of shoes but i keep forgetting her size. I rarely take Piya out for sightseeing, shopping or even gathering occasions as i am trying to minimize her exposure while she is still small... So my attempt to buy her shoes would mean going by myself or it was coincidently an outing with my colleagues. Usually i would measure her foot length by placing her foot on my palm and i would scribble a mark on my palm.. by the time i reach any shopping venue and stumble upon beautiful shoes, the mark would disappear! No thanx to my sweaty palm. Duuurgh...

I cannot afford to procrastinate this any further as she has begun to stand on her feet. She really prefers standing these days. Even while bathing. But the poor baby only has sooooo many socks with NIL shoes. What a horrible mummy i have been. So i made some research on how to measure their foot.

To measure your child's foot
 1. Rub some baby oil to her feet. Have her stand on a piece of paper.
2. Mark the tip of her big toe and the tip of her heel's end. Draw a straight line connecting both points.
3. Add 2 cm to this measurement to account for the outsole.
4. Voila! You can now buy her a nice pair of shoes. :)

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  1. oooo.. baru tau.. thanks for sharing mama piya!
    now kene ukur bape panjang our babies' feet kan.. kalu x jd mcm mizah, beli kasut longgar huhu