Monday, November 14, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha 2011!

This year’s Raya Haji happens to fall on my birthday November 6, 2011. Exactly at this date last year, I was still experiencing my 1st trimester pregnancy and was navigated by morning sickness, nausea and all the other pregnancy symptoms.. J My flight tickets to Kelantan was burned to ashes as I can barely walk.. So this year’s Raya Haji was definitely an occasion that I was looking forward to.
So what is so special about Raya Haji this year?
1.       My 1st celebration in Kelantan
2.       My 1st celebration with Piya
3.       Our 1st experience of driving to Kelantan in our new car (Saga FLX 1.3 CVT)
All these years I have been celebrating Raya Haji in Shah Alam and to be frank with you, my family don’t put much effort in celebrating it. It was really funny though that last year Uncle Din was the only one woke up early in the morning, wore his baju melayu and was getting ready to go to the mosque. Everyone else was still sailing away in their sleep.
Friday November 4, 2011
We embark our journey at 9.00 am. I was much worried whether Piya would be comfortable sitting in her car seat for the next 8 hours. Thankfully she was. I held her only twice through out the whole journey and we arrived safely at Abah Tok’s house at 5.00 pm. The traffic was very smooth as people were still working. Uncle Din drove steadily at 140 km/h. He used the main highway (the one that would pass through Kuala Krai). Bukan main semangat lagi die nak balik tau, tak penat langsung bwk kereta ooo… we were the 1st to arrive and totally had a relaxed night.

Saturday November 5, 2011
My BIL + SIL from Penang arrived early in the morning while my BIL + SIL from Sepang arrived later that day. Abah decided to hold Solat Hajat for us upon possessing our own car. This is very norm among the Kelantanese. I spent the whole day preparing laksa with Maa and her laksa is really to die for… Sedaaaaaap! Later that day, Piya began develop a slight fever, cough and flue. Pity her. This is her very first fever and we were very clueless. We did go to a couple of clinics but to no avail. All clinics were closed early to celebrate raya.

Sunday November 6, 2011
Pagi Hari Raya AidilAdha.. J Semua orang bangun awal, pakai baju kurung baju melayu dan bersalam-salaman.. I was left at home with Kak Wan Mas (SIL from Penang) as both of us were watching over the children while the adults went for Raya Pray. After their return, the men changed into their dirty shirts and were getting ready for the slaughtering. I had already hold Piya and was walking towards the slaughtering venue when Piya suddenly began to rub her eyes and became cranky. Oh well, Piya and I were the only ones left at home then. After the men were done, they passed over the meat to the women (who were already busy in the kitchen) to cook and prepare the meal for lunch. As expected, all the dishes were totally beef beef beef
1.       Daging singgang
2.       Kari daging
3.       Daging goreng
After Asar, Uncle Din and I took Piya to  Klinik Mesra (right next to KB Mall). Apparently the doctor said that babies often have low resistance towards long journey. He advised us to unwind the window every hour for the baby to get some fresh air. Later that night, as usual, we took Abah Tok to Wakaf Che Yeh! Takde ape pon tapi mmg gian nak sana w/pon tak beli ape2..

Muka gembira anak-anak

Mak Buyung cantik berseri

Kebosanan maka kita 'camwhore'

Monday November 7, 2011
It has become a ritual to us to hunt delicacies while we’re Kelantan and our favorites would be Keropok Lekor & Serunding (they called it sambal daging). Bahagia betol bila dapat beli bende2 nih.

Muka gembira dapat keropok lekor!

Tuesday November 8, 2011
We drove back to Subang Permai exactly at 10.45am. This time, Uncle Din decided to use the route through Terengganu. Mak aaaaai… 10 hours bebeh……… we reached home safely at 9.00 pm… what a journey…

Muka steady tido dlm kereta
Piya cabut stocking pastu sambung tido

I had sooo much fun for this Raya Haji. Uncle Din suggested that every Raya Haji would be celebrated in Kelantan..  We’ll see that things go..

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