Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baby's first solid food

I have procrastinated in giving Piya taste her first solid food as she hasn’t reach 6 months yet. Her birthday is every 23rd of the month but she has shown interest at the age of 5.5 months only.. But according to my babysitter, Piya is really prepared to consume solid food. In fact, she will stare at me while I am eating and you will see her saliva drooling soaking her shirt.. Poor baby.. Thus, last Saturday November 19, 2011 I cooked her meal which was very simple. Plain carrot porridge without any sugar or salt.  

Preparation for her 1st solid food
Baby Bowl with Cover:
I found this at Disney Babyland Sec. 18 @ Ole-Ole Manis (next to Secret Recipe)
New blender for her
2 spoonful of rice + some carrots
The result (no sugar or salt)
I serve her only 2 spoons of porridge
(use different spoon for feeding and scooping)

Did she enjoyed the porridge? Was it tasty? Well, she did ate 2 spoonful of porridge. Either way, I will improve my skills in preparing her meal.

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