Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baba's Savory & Dessert

Whenever we will be receiving guest (either big or small scale) Baba has a high tendency to prepare his signature savories. He always say to me that “you must serve your guest foods that they are incapable of doing & beyond their expectation.” and I will be like “okeeee….”.
Last weekend we received our neighbor; Wan Chik the contractor as our guest for supper as a token of appreciation for chopping down the trees next to our house. You see, next to our house a small ‘forest’ as a result of negligence from the landlord. Apparently the landlord is residing abroad and is not bothered the welfare of his land. Hampeh betol…
So the menu for Wan Chik + wife was; Roasted Chicken, Macaroni Carbonara & Potato Salad while the deserts were;  Apple Crumble & Cream Caramel.

 How to prepare these dishes? That’s a secret I’ll never tell… you know you love me.. XOXO..

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