Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Serene Husband

Uncle din is indubitably a person with a high patience threshold. Throughout our entire r/ship, he rarely gets mad at me. Of course there are times he would be upset or disappointed but he deliberately chose not to let the bitterness makes matter worse. More often than not, he would opt to play with his games, browse the internet or watch movies online. Yes, he is very patient man.
My opening remark would justify for my story today. Last Saturday September 17, 2011 Kak Lina held an ‘open-house’ in Rawang (her parent’s house). I have been looking forward to meet Lea as I missed her the week before due to gastric. Uncle din agreed to attend the occasion but was very hesitant. I on the other hand, was very busy since morning. Mama’s sibling came over all the way from Penang & Ipoh as Abg Su (my cousin) plans to ‘merisik’ his lady friend. So by the time we make a move to Rawang, I was so exhausted and slept in the car with Piya on my lap. Usually I would place Piya in her car seat but I said to myself “this is only a short journey”.
One thing about uncle din (or men) he refuses to memorize the route or ask for directions before making a move if the trip does not pleases him as a sign of detesting the whole idea of attending the occasion. Brilliantly he ask me the direction to Rawang while I was sleeping and we ended up taking the wrong the exit………………. Instead of going down Guthrie highway all the way until the last toll (exit Rawang) we ended up exiting from Latar highway…………
If we follow the right route, we would exit Plus Highway, turn right and Emerald East would be on the left. Sounds simple right? It is. It only takes 20 minutes to reach Emerald East. However as we ended up being on Latar Highway, we did reach Rawang after all. Emerald East was on the left (Emerald East is in the middle between Plus highway and Latar Highway). Instead, we turned right and got lost for 2 hours! Uncle din just remained silent during the whole stress ‘joyride’. He finally made a U-turn somewhere and we got back on track. By the time we reached Dato’ Rashid’s residence, we were beyond the open-house hours. Putting on a red face, I just simply smiled and admitted that we were lost.
If I was in uncle din’s shoes:-
1. I would definitely throw tantrums towards him and saying things that I would regret later.
2. I would put on a sourpuss expression and speak sarcastically to him.
3. I would scold him non-stop until we reach home and continue sulking until next morning.          

Uncle din’s reaction towards my stupid mistake was:-
1. Remain silent until we reach the destination correctly
2. He still spoke to me w/o any hatred, serene and worry
3. He can still make fun out it
4. He can still forgive me after I apologize.

His reasoning was “I want you to make me as an exemplar in handling issues as I am your husband.”
Mak ai………. Insaf weyh~

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