Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sheer Stress: Work, BF, Car

Waaaaa… life is really becoming intricate these days…subhanallah..
1. Work Oppression
Upon my return to the office from confinement, I was caught by surprise that my colleague has resigned with 24-hours notice. Apparently he has been MIA for 2 weeks in a row and was unreachable when contacted. The last solution that my bosses resorted was sending a few colleagues to visit him at his home in Kota Damansara. According to them, John Doe is very ill with many sicknesses and is incapable to work. As a result; I was immediately absorbed into his team and have to replace his position. Mak aaaaai…
It has been 1 month now adapting to this new job scope. Previously I was only an executive managing a project. As of now, I have to understand the engineering work in-depth and be the window for the whole engineering division. Subhanallah..teruk betul struggle..masuk meeting asyik nak terlelap jer sbb tak paham technical..diorg citer pasal engine, vehicle testing, meeting with authorities and etc… ngantuk giler sbb dgr perbincangan yg aku tak paham lgsg… things are becoming much clear now. Dah mulaa laaa Nampak byg2 kereta tuh bila diorg bincang….tapi honestly I am terribly stress by this new job scope.
2. Stress with breastfeeding
Emmm..piya refuses to latch.. she started to have this nipple confusion since she was 2 months old whereby she detest entirely to latch. Even though I did try using nipple shield, it no longer works as she can recognize her feeding bottle. Sedih giler….sampai arini aku masih sedih………aku masih menangis sehingga ke hari ini….when the baby does not latch, then the milk cannot be expressed and your body is stuck with all the excessive weight. Serius sedih sbb takut susu akan habes before piya 6 bulan.. aku redha laaa badan aku gemuk (sangkut 10kilo) tapi sgt sedih mengenangkan piya dpt enjoy susu aku sekejap je….memikirkan antibody die……kesihatan die….aku selalu meminta maaf pada die sbb menjadi ibu yg teruk…ibu yg tak Berjaya breastfeed die…
Ya Allah Ya Tuhan ku……..semoga Kau selalu lindungi anak ku dari sebarang penyakit dan musibah…..
3. Our 1st car
Since we already have a baby now, we opted to have our own car instead of borrowing my dad’s car anymore. Thanx to Proton for offering staff purchase to the employees, I am purchasing Saga 1.3 FLX CVT at a cheaper price. CVT is supposed to be better than AT in terms of the transmission. Besides, Saga 1.3 FLX CVT is using engine IAFM+ which is better than CamPro and CPS. We decided upon Blue Rock (navy blue) as the styling color.
So today I had a meeting with a recommended salesman. Mak aiiii… mcm2 plak die Tanya.. the worst part was he lay down the options w/o recommending the best option. I keep asking him “what do you think?” and he keep answering “I am only a salesman who is the medium between you and the bank. You’re supposed to know which bank do you want, how much is the d/payment that you can afford and the bank interest.” Kecewa betol dgn org mcm nih..       

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  1. on BF
    every cloud has a silver lining... never give up ok!! ;)