Thursday, September 22, 2011

Father's undying devotion

Indubitably Uncle Din’s love and passion for Piya are very transparent. I had always thought that he would be unable to care for Piya as men always recoil from doing the baby regime. For instance, until now he would detest to clean Piya after she passes stool.
However, of recent late, he has become very reliable and trustworthy. You see, I am the type of person who loves doing house chores such as sweeping, vacuum carpets, mopping floor, waxing the wood cabinets and tidying the kitchen. My latest leisure pursuit would be doing laundry and fold the clothes once dried. In order to do all these chores, someone has to keep an eye on Piya. So I decided asking uncle din to do so while yours truly will be busy around the house.
By indoctrinate this routine, uncle din has become so attach with Piya and never reluctant to do anything for her. Our latest ‘teamwork’ is I would be responsible to send Piya to the babysitter (to and fro), bathe her and put her down to sleep. More often than not, Piya would doze off after Maghrib. Beyond Isya’ hours, usually I have ironed my uniform, bathe, pray and ready for bed. Hence, this is when Uncle Din would come into the picture. He would feed Piya every time she awakes and this goes on until 6.30am. Malam2 bancuh susu, nak kena burp kan die lagi, tepuk die sampai tido semula lagi...and Piya kerap jugak laaa bangun as if tak puas minum susu...bagus Uncle din nih..
I am very glad that uncle din is a really responsible father. It really warms my heart to see him play with Piya every day upon returning from work. Dah laa muka anak beranak sama.        

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