Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Durra Elfieya @ 3 months

Yippiyaya has turned 3 months old~ Time really passes us by so fast right under our nose. I don’t have her c/up results yet perhaps in another few days. Her neck is now strong enough to support her head. Even her backbone is getting stronger by the day. She loves it when I place her frontward sitting on my lap. She is getting more curious by things and I do notice she would ponder when things are moving or blinking. It also seems that she is very fond of watching television. Just like her dad. Mama said that Piya is attracted to television because it is colorful with moving pictures and sound.
Dressing her is getting tougher these days. Every time after I bathe her, I would lay her down on her back and start powdering her, rubbing oilmen / lotion, put on the diaper and slip on the clothes. Sounds easy right? Not! I have to do those steps while she is sitting on my lap else she would start to cry at the top of her lungs. And I do mean it at the top of her lungs. Subhanallah. Kalu die tempik, umah sebelah pon boleh dengar. Takde maaf punya. Aduhai Piya~ Another trick from her is somehow or rather she likes to latch on her arm. Weird.
For better or worse, my beautiful baby girl is growing up so fast. According to her babysitter, she behaves well among other babies. Usually Piya would be placed in her baby carrier facing the television. Cik D said that Piya likes sitting in there while watching television. Funny la Piya. Yesterday when I fetched her, apparently all the other babies were still there too. Instead of returning home immediately, I stayed there for awhile and played with them. No wonder Cik D opted to become a babysitter. Playing with babies is fun! And to my great surprise, Piya was the only one glued to the television. She even ignored me as I approached her. It took her awhile to notice that her mama has arrived. Funny la. Even her maktok said that “Piya makin pandai bawak diri..”
Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi anak ku ketika ketiadaan ku. Amin.

Muka nak ngamuk bila tak bagi susu
Latching her arm

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