Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Online Addiction ~ Shopping

I am sooo addicted to online shopping. It started last year when I was browsing post-wedding attires. I began to wear hijab after my engagement and I’ve promised my husband that I would change my wardrobe. So that was when the whole addiction begins. Besides, shopping online is so easy, flexible and save consumption. It is a click away. I do notice that when I go out for shopping, most of my money would be spent on fuel, toll, parking, meals (2x) and other unplanned items (or activity like watching a movie). This is so not worth the journey to buy a few blouses. In fact, I never even found the blouse that I desired!
My concept is very simple; fit-fit longgar. Meaning to say that I am comfortable wearing blouses that defines my curves especially my waist but not too apparent. Due to my concept, I never had to buy any maternity attire as all my clothes were stretchable and falls nicely on my full bloom figure. Especially my maxi dresses. However, towards the end of my pregnancy, I had very limited choices of clothes.  
Today, my post pregnancy body is way out of boundaries. As we speak, I have become so fat and none of my blouses fits me nicely anymore. I would either look like a sumo wrestler or humpty dumpty if I am insisting of wearing them. Definitely not a pleasant scene. So here are my a few of new attires filling up space in my wardrobe.

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