Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Mama

Today is my last day of working before I am off for Eid mode. As a matter of fact, today is Mak tok’s birthday. So I would like to blog about 2 things today:-
Mak Tok
My beautiful mother is 60 years old today. Six-zero..! When I was a little girl, anybody beyond 50 years old seems vintage to me. They seem to be ancient, tiredness and with vague impression. But my mother (mama) begs to differ. She is still working as a part time lecturer at UiTM Puncak Perdana at MasComm. Not only that, she is also in the last leg to complete her PhD. Supermak! Raising the four us has never become easy she says. Now at the age of 60, she has 2 granddaughters. Lea’s surrounding is leaning more towards Zeffi’s wife family. That makes sense. So Piya is actually the first baby that mama look after too after 25 years. With Piya’s presence in the house, my rapport with mama is getting closer & warmer. Happy Birthday my beautiful mother~

Eid preparation
This year’s preparation is much more anticipating. I am having so much fun finding baju raya for Piya. I refuse to buy her baju kurung as she is still small hence there won’t be any grace in it. I want to see her wearing sweet gowns instead. She has 3 gowns up to date. Mostly are red. I even bought a matching handmade hairband from Elany. Piya would look soo cute! So for me, I also bought a red baju kurung moden at Nilai 3. Another baju kurung is blue-green tone. I am in the mood to sew beads on it so I am crossing my fingers it will turn out to be nice. Uncle din is in a sulking mood. Last year we already celebrated Eid at Kelantan. In fact, I had my first nausea right in Kelantan. So this year, we wont be going to Kelantan at all until Raya Haji. To demonstrate his frustration, he refuses to buy any new baju melayu to match with us. He said “buat pe beli baju raya, bukannyer balik Kelantan”…wateva..i wont pacify him in any way..

Kuih raya sume beli kat office..senang..tak byk pon beli..9 jenis + 1 kek lapis coklat cheese..


Will post a new piece later from home. daa~

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