Monday, August 29, 2011

Auntie Aisyah & Uncle Jeff

yesterday we receive a wonderful visit from England. Uncle Jeff and Auntie Aisyah. we met them while we were in England in 1984. my family stayed in England, Canterburry for almost 4 years. i was only 10 months when we migrated there as baba was pursuing his PhD. ever since i was small, i have been very fond of Uncle Jeff. he adores children but they dont have any of their own. Auntie Aisyah said it took them 10 years to finally be blessed with one.

when they came last night with their 2 beautiful children; Sophea and Adam, i was very overwhelmed that we still have this opportunity to meet. i have never meet them since we return to Malaysia and it has been 23 years. i miss them so much and syukur alhamdulillah umur kami panjang utk berjumpa.

i do hope we get to meet again in the near future. btw, my adik is very fond of Sophea. she is very very beautiful.


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