Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Iftar Raja Muda 2011

Yeaaaa~ Raja Muda’s annual gathering is back! This gathering is definitely our pride and most anticipating annual occasion. You see, even though primary school has passed us easily around 15 years but we are still in contact with each other. Thanks to FB too, being connected has never become much easier. This small clan of ours comprises of those from 6 Kuning & 6 Merah. More often than not, the gathering would take place during weddings, tahlil, iftar or eid celebration. So this year, we decided to gather for iftar at Pizza Hut Tesco Shah Alam.    
Last year in 2010, 3 of us tied the knot with our love of our lives; Zamila, Sharifah & me. So I think u can expect that this year’s gathering is conclusive of the Raja Muda Juniors! Can u believe that all 3 of us got pregnant simultaneously and our babies are just 2,3 weeks apart.
Iftar Raja Muda 2011 was joined by ALifah, Wan Rosalina, Kamel Ghani, Zuhairy, Zamila+baby, Sharifah+Fairuz+baby and yours truly+Piya+uncle din.


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  1. Love it!

    eyy next year kita ramaikan lagi sikit la nak..

    awat ko n golek xnak ajak azhani? she should come along too~

    neways, long live 6 kuning n 6 merah! cream of the school.