Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Puasa Oh Puasa

Today is the 2nd day Piya is send to the babysitter. According to Cik D, Piya behaves very well and rarely cries. This is very odd. Usually Piya would cry as loud as possible when she is hungry, insufficient milk, direct BF, after bathe and when she has not burp properly.
Today also mark the 2nd day of fasting month. I have to wake up at 5.00am for sahur, then pump out the milk, Subuh prayer and get ready for work. Apparently Piya woke up for sahur too but ayah managed to doze her off. While I was getting ready, she woke up again and this time she refuses to sleep. Once I was ready, I placed her in her baby carrier and both of us got in the car at 6.35am. It took me 5 minutes to reach the babysitter. After kissing her goodbye, I drove to work and reach Proton at 7.10am. Awal nyerrr..
My routine for fasting month has definitely changed. Previously I would cook and prepare the meals for iftar & sahur. Later, I would go and perform terawih for 8 rakaat only. I love cooking for my family. Everyday I would spend time and decide the lauks, how many hours must be allocated and of course decide how much I was about to spend. But 2011 begs to differ. With Piya around, I really could careless for iftar and sahur. I am just too tired to cook. I am even too tired to wash the dishes. Today, my daily routine would fetch her from the babysitter, bathe her, put her to sleep, iftar, Maghrib prayer, wash her clothes (daily), pump milk, Isya’ prayer and my bedtime would be at 10.00 pm. I am no longer bothered to look after my husband’s welfare either..
Well, pandai buat anak, kena laa pandai jaga kan..ehehhee…

Tido Lena balik dr babysitter


  1. huhu.. aku nangis semlm tinggalkan dia kat rumah.. walaupun yg jaga tu my mom sendri..

    and semalam zara xmo sleep.. cari puting mak dia kot.. sian2..

    and yes, walaupun anak kita kecik je, tapi masa yg dia perlu dgn kita tersgt la byk kan.. kalau la aku boleh minum air kotak je utk berbuka, kan senang..

  2. memang kak pah....aku asyik teringat kat die...teringat sgt2 and berdoa Tuhan lindungi anak kita bila tak bersama..