Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The meaning of Ramadhan 2011

One week has passed and I do notice some changes in Piya. Somehow or rather, she appears to behave very well when she reaches home from the babysitter. Maktok was the 1st to notice these changes in her. She even passed a remark ‘budak nih dah pandai bawa diri yea’. She has change a bit. Less crying, more observant and more responsive.
Ramadhan this year is definitely different and new to me. Last year at this very moment I was so immersed with my job of entertaining and securing the Arab’s welfare. I miss those days. And the bazaars.  The blooming of bazaars does attract my attention and I would definitely make an effort to find Malay delicacies for iftar. More often than not, uncle din and I would prefer to go Sec.13 and Subang Perdana. The bigger the bazaar the better. Besides the bazaar, don’t forget about the terawih. Before I got married I really going for terawih as frequent as possible. Last year, I would go to Masjid At-Taqwa which is just in front of my house with uncle din. Both of us would take a walk to and fro to the mosque. Meanwhile, during iftar I would serve my family with homemade cooking as I love to cook.
Ramadhan 2011 is much more meaningful. I have my lovely Piya with me. Thankfully she has passed the period of frequent nursing at night and opted for quality sleep instead. She still wakes up at night but only for once or twice. The funny thing about her, she sort of understands that Mama is home for iftar and will leave her after sahur. I am saying this so because after bathing her upon fetching her from the babysitter, I would pat her to sleep and I could get some rest while waiting for Maghrib. As soon as she heard the azan, she would be wide awake and join us for iftar. Once we’re done dining, she would doze off again. The same goes in the morning. She would wake me up at 4.30 am and refuses to sleep until I drop her off at the babysitter.
Itulah kebesaran Allah SWT. Rezeki ku bertambah murah dgn kehadiran Piya. Hidup lebih bermakna dan aku bertambah kuat utk harungi hidup demi Piya.. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

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