Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The best babysitter ~ Cik D

Semlm Elfieya mengamuk sakan rupanyer. Apparently the clothes that I have packed for her were too warm so she felt stuffy. Usually she is fine in those while at home but Cik D explained to me that the nursery is quite hot (dinding papan siling zink) and the babies would drink very often due to hydration. When Cik D told me Piya was crying very loud sampai tercekik2 aku jadi sgt risau and panic. Aku mcm “nape tak tepon..?” then she explained that instead of leaving Piya to calm down by herself, she really tried her very best to persuade Piya and this took her several hours! The final resort was she asked her mother to take care of Piya at the Laundry Shop as the shop has an air-conditioner. Oh, Cik D runs the nursery by herself but her neighbor is the family’s business: a laundry shop. Her parents would be at all times. Cik D admitted that at difficult moments her mother would come to the rescue.
Back to Piya. Piya cried for many hours and Cik D decided to strip Piya and left her in her diapers. Only then Piya finally calmed down and doze off. No wonder Piya was bogel when I fetched her, she looked so funny. Upon arriving home I told maktok the whole catastrophe that has happened that day. When maktop pickup the baby carrier, bukan main lagi maktok ketawa! Elfieya mmg nmpk funny pakai diapers jer duduk dlm baby carrier tuh. Sian anak mama.
Later that night while I was on FB, Cik D approached me and we had a chat. She keeps asking me whether Piya is alright and apologized for not informing me to supply Piya with thin clothes. Then she asked me if there are any changes in Piya. She also tagged me in Piya’s photo. Oh yea, Cik D nih sgt laa baik sbb die selalu wat photoshoot kat nursery tuh amek gambar baby baby nih beraksi utk tatapan ibu bapa. Kata nyer die tak nak ibu bapa lepaskan peluang melihat anak2 berketawa, berguling etc semasa berada dlm jagaan org lain.
Syukur Alhamdulillah I met a wonderful babysitter. Not only she lives just 3 minutes away, the nursery is very comfortable and Cik D is a very caring person. She browsed me in FB, added me as a friend and tag many photos of Piya. We even chat ok. Last night she said that she is saving money to buy an air-conditioner for the babies. Leganyer Allah permudahkan rezeki aku pertemu dengan Cik D.  


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