Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Off to Babysitter Piya

As I have resumed back to work on July 25, 2011 I must face mothers worst nightmare; sending your 2 months old baby to a nursery. Apparently there are a lot factors that must be taken into consideration to decide upon a nursery:-
1.             Location – preferably near my house
2.             License – to assure that the nursery is run legally
3.             Cleanliness
4.             How they furnish the house to make it child proof & solid proof
5.             The ratio of babysitters and babies / children
6.             The number of times they bathe your baby
7.             Do they support EBM or they would feed the baby with FM?
8.             Working hours and OT charges
9.             Will they calm your baby when she is uncomfortable or tend to leave her by herself?
10.         Can you trust them to ‘burp’ your baby successfully?
11.         Do they took care the baby’s hygiene such as ear, nose and nails?
12.         Do they allow children to play with babies?
Pondering all these questions makes me become distraught and uneasy. I went to have a look into a nursery just in front of my house 2 weeks before I resume work. To my great surprise, the nursery was below my expectation. My mother instinct forbids me to send my baby there as the environment was totally miserable.  In fact the principal said that she was unable to accept Piya as she is experiencing constraint manpower. The nursery is already handling 6 babies so Piya would be the 7th. At first I was frustrated that I can’t enroll her there because the nursery was very convenient in terms of distance. But bear in mind that Allah SWT blessings are definitely in disguise.
My mother offered to take care of Piya but just until Hari Raya. This gave me the opportunity to buy some time and survey the nearest nursery to Subang Permai. I did found a couple of choices but a lot of risks must be taken into consideration. Ever since reported back to work, I have nothing much to do so I have been browsing the internet from morning until I punch-out. As I was browsing the net, I found a discussion in an open forum regarding finding a nursery / babysitter around Bukit Jelutong. Lucky me, a girl name Nadiah offered a service of babysitting at Kg Melayu Subang. I established a contact immediately and went off to see the place. As I said Allah SWT blessings are in disguise. I found the place to be very serene, clean, cheerful and most importantly safe. It was love at 1st sight. Currently she is taking care of 3 babies and the maximum number that she is willing to care is only 5 babies. Gladly she is caring for babies. I hate the thought of children who just picked their nose or rub their toes and they touch your baby. Yuck! Without much ado I fill up her form and gave a security deposit. The monthly fee is RM300.00.
So today was my 1st day of sending her off to Cik Nadiah: 013-280 8398… She behaved well today even though I placed her in her baby carrier.. Then she doze off in the car.. it only took me 5 minutes to reach the traffic light junction which indicates that the babysitter is really nearby.
May Allah protect always my little angel.. 

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