Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Work Oppression ~ Project Pak Arab

Like my any other mornings, I would have my breakfast in front of the PC while reading emails and browsing through the internet.. One email caught my attention and it was an email from Saudi Arabia (regarding my Pak Arab Project).. Apparently the Director has booked himself a flight to Malaysia on May 9, 2011 and will return home on May 13, 2011.. Having said that, this means that the adjourned meeting is now re-scheduled to 10 & 11 May.. Aiyaaaaak… I still have to handle the work load before I can have my maternity leave in serenity..
Basically most of the meeting materials are prepared but there are some reports pending for submission from other departments.. The most tedious and meticulous part of my job as an executive in Proton is waiting for other people to submit their reports within the stipulated period.. I really “love” it when these people would submit the reports beyond the dateline.. As far as they are concern, the baton is pass to another party so the burden is longer their concern.. Cisss~ Being in an enervate state of mind, these circumstances definitely further deplete my energy… Dah laaa nka bwk badan yang dh bertambah 24kg, aduuuhhh~   

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