Thursday, May 05, 2011

Welcome Baby H ~ 03/05/2011

Hamizah Hatta aka Mizah; my colleague in Proton has finally delivered a beautiful baby boy.. she is 3 weeks older than mine and normally I would be getting advises from her as she is much more prepared. On April 21, her gynae Dr Fairuz DEMC instructed her to be admitted. She took a day off in advance and when she went to the hospital, apparently the doc said her time has not come yet.. she was given an MC and went home..
Her visit to the hospital was continual until yesterday; May 3, 2011, she was finally admitted and induced..however, what I heard from other colleagues, her opening was slow and the oxygen supply to the baby is deteriorating. The doctor had no choice but to operate her.. regardless the method that the doctor has opted, she delivered a healthy beautiful baby boy..
Congratulations mizah dear~ 

Aniq Hareez bin Abd Hafis

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  1. aaa.. so sweet lah aunty dora!
    good luck ek.. tunggu nak bersalin tu mmg mencabar..
    i hope all goes well for both mummy & baby ;)