Thursday, May 05, 2011

FB and friends

Believe or not I was not bothered to log in my FB after I settled down. I did sign in once or twice to upload my wedding photos and that was it. I am not sure about others but FB certainly was not my main priority anymore. I used to be one those FB addicts that would constantly be logging in and latch to FB like leeches. Wasting away many hours until exhausted and then log in again.. Browsing through pages, photos, passing comments and be virtually connected to friends.. You know how FB works..
Recently I log in FB and updated my status. To my great surprise, I received tons of wedding invitations via messages.. Frankly speaking, I am not fond of receiving invitation via FB.. Even though people say that that may be the best system now as everyone is virtually connected but then again, in my opinion, virtual invitation has lacked of seriousness requesting your presence. I still believe in receiving invitation by mail, opening the envelope and admiring the design.
Back to FB, I mentioned that I am heavily pregnant and Golek was insisting asking me to upload my preggy photos. As I speak (or write) I am 36 weeks pregnant and gained 24 kilos already.. So the question is; do I wanna share my chubby photos…? I don’t mind sharing it here but I am quite resistant to share it in FB.. But I did eventually.. Good to know that there are still some people bothered about my existence.
I love dropping by the young mothers page; Rosnah Tahir, Ilani Hana Mastura, Hasnida, Fina Merican, Hazwanie Aimi Hashim, my Raja Muda clan, Izhar Moslim + Farah Damia, Sufina etc.. Their babies are soooooooooooo adorable! I wish my baby would resemble an Arab figure..

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