Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Weekend with Baby Lea

Yesterday was really a hot day for me.. People keep saying that preggers tend to feel an excessive heat compared to others but believe me when I say that yesterday was really really hot.. Or is it really just me..? I kept insisting uncle din to have lunch at Hartini sec.10 Shah Alam.. Somehow or rather I kept craving for budu + poyok…sedaaaaaap~ initially we intended to drop by at Giant Sec. 13 Shah Alam but due to the ovenlike weather, I was wining to uncle din to return home ASAP..we detoured for an ice cream and reach home around 2.00 pm… without much delay I immediately switch on the air-con, uncle din gave me a bottle of water and slowly I became halcyon until I doze off..  Legaaaa~
Right after Asar my second bro; Zeffi and Kak Lina drop by with Baby Lea.. Lea look so soporific as they just return from visiting nenek in Rawang..funny thing about Lea, she takes some time to warm up with the environment as they only visit Subang Permai occasionally.. Once she is settled, then you’ll get to see her avidness.. Kak Lina gave me a bundle of rompers and a couple of baby bibs as Lea never worn them.. She also gave me a nursing pillow.. Thank you Kak Lina! So being who she is, without hesitance she shared her experience and advises on things to buy for the newcomer.. Well, I really thought that I have bought every necessary stuff but apparently there are a few things that I missed out.. Uncle din heard the conversation so I asked him to shop for these things at Giant sec. 13 while we have time ..

My lovely niece; Lea Aryanna
 After performing Isya’ prayer, I started to pack the bags.. Last Tuesday I had another minor contraction and when I informed my gynea on Friday about it, the gynae said that the contraction was expected when you are heavily pregnant.. That sort of alarmed us to start the preparation without much delay.. I did the laundry on Saturday whereby I hand-washed all the baby’s attire using Pureen’s ABD Detergen.. While I was packing yesterday, uncle din was so nice sitting next to me on the bed observing the way I fold the clothes, pack things and the whereabouts of stuff.. It is vital for husbands to know these because you definitely be too exhausted to answer nonsense questions in a limbo state of mind..
So that was how I spent my weekend while counting the days of receiving a newcomer in life~ 


  1. Ziad, how do u know it's a minor contraction eh? aku ada gak terasa sakit, tapi tatau tu sakit apa, haha. bodo jek.

    i havent fully packed my stuff anyway.. sigh..

  2. u'll be attending the antenatal class nanti kan? the doc will explain.. :)

    but the symptoms are perut keraaaaas kat area bwh pusat and suddenly pinggang kena tarik mcm period pain..berpeluh2 gak laaa..