Monday, May 02, 2011

Outing for Mother's Day

today i finally managed to convince uncle din to take me out for an outing..somehow or rather i kinda have the urge to go out and window shopping even though my EDD is just around the corner..previously in the early part of my pregnancy i really was not bothered to go out at all...besides the morning sickness, i just dont have the tendency to go out especially meeting people..i hate being fat and hate being commented so...but off recent late, my desire begs to differ...i wonder why~

stayed awake after subuh and hand-washed all the baby's clothes using Pureen's ABD detergent..

supposedly meant for baby's attire so just go along with it..then without much delay, we went to Mid Valley..bought a blouse for Mama as Mother's day is next week...i am afraid i might be unable to give her any gifts this year so i bought one in advance..uncle din entertained my craving of dining at Nando's, bought the things that baba has requested, performed our prayer and return home.. a simple day but enough to make me happy...

i do have a feeling that this might be my last day out as a pregnant mother and just the 2 of us...there were a lot of advert about next week's big event: Mom's and Baby Expo @ Mid Valley...i did save the date and mark the calendar but seeing my condition now, i dont know... i no longer have the eagerness to indulge myself in a swamp of people and ended up buying unnecessary stuff...besides, my water retention is getting worse by the day and i just need a lot of rest while i can..there is a hearsay that once the baby has arrived, you'll have lesser sleep and rest..'sigh'

Dining at Nando's Mid Valley

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  1. hi dora.. 36weeks dah kan today! yeay yeay.. x lama lg tu *wink2*