Saturday, April 30, 2011


so today was my next checkup with the gynae. being pregnant at 35 weeks, i've gained 23 kilos which is a lot.. the doctor was very much surprised with the weight increment but thankfully my BP and urine are fine..i've shared with her about the experience of joining the antenatal class last week..the doctor was very much pleased that i've make an effort to gain information about labor and anesthetic..she said it really would simplify matters when the time comes..

We did the scanning and funny though, we cant get a nice shot..the baby as expected refuses to show her face so all we got was a photo of her skull.. she is 2.47 kg whereby she gained 200g per week..she's very active and loves kicking me..i really could felt her tossing and turning..sometimes it tend to be disturbing as it is quite uncomfortable but then again, i remembered mama's piece of advise "you'll miss all of these one day.."

Baby @ 35 weeks
At this point of time, my baby's position is so much like this..she has not engaged yet and hoping she will within another 3 weeks time..her foot is at the top of my right tummy and that is the most noticeable part when she moves.


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