Friday, April 29, 2011

Pregnancy - i hate being fat

I was browsing through the office’s piles of photo and found some pregnancy pics of me. My goodness, I never realized that I looked so bloated and plum.. L urrrgh..! Golek keep assuring me that pregnancy does piles up some kilos and will go away during confinement.. I hate being fat.. Mama always recall the story when I was 4 years old, I suddenly stop eating while the family was dining.. Mama then asked “Dora, why did you stop eating?” and I replied “ I don’t wanna be fat like Zack..”.. Zack is my eldest brother and he is humongous.. Apparently growing up with 3 younger siblings, he would finish our meals when we no longer have the appetite.. The result? He has been fat since forever.. Hahahaaaaa…
The funny thing about pregnancy, weight gain is totally inevitable.. Some people may only gained up 10 ~ 12 kilos while many are like me; gaining 20 kilos ++… I am already at 35 weeks and have gained 23 kilos… I am trying to strain myself about this weight issue but I just cant help feeling repulsive..  
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