Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bohana means family - Kelantan

Uncle Din originates from Kg Badak Mati, Pauh Lima, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. He is the youngest out of 4 siblings. He has two sisters and 1 brother. In the family, he is the most timid and introverted child as his age gap with the others is quite big. I call him baby sesat. More often than not, he would keep his thoughts to himself and would embrace every scold without confrontation. His best friends were cats and most of the time he would play by himself..he is not close to his parents and rarely calls them.. vice versa.. birthdays were forgotten without a wish..sedih betol kisah hidup die..
When we met, I am the total opposite of him. I am very extroverted, best friends with my parents and I am a chatter-box.. J these are the reasons he said he loves me whole-heartedly..i am the only person who listens to him, changed his attitude towards his family and makes him a better man..cewah..!
These are the photos of his family..

Me as the latest addition

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